Before You Adopt A Ferret...

there are a few things you should know. Like where to buy ferrets. You can adopt a ferret from a number of places; shelter, store or even directly from the people who can't take care of it anymore.

The first thing you should do though, is ask yourself 'do ferrets make good pets for me'. If the answer is yes, then you should learn a bit more about what your future fuzzbutt will need to spend a long, happy, healthy life with you. Don't dismiss ferret adoption (click here to check out my list of benefits).

Ferrets aren't the easiest pets. Especially when it comes to ferret food and health. Both are essential, but can be quite expensive.

So how much do ferrets cost anyway? Here's a tip; a lot more than the initial cost of the ferret.

Thinking about introducing a new ferret to your fuzzbutt family. Then there are a number of rules you should follow to ensure a happy ending instead of an ongoing soap opera.

You'll also want to consider the ferret's lifespan. Will you still be able to take care of it in a couple of years?

Do you have other pets? Then you'll want to make sure they are compatible with a ferret. And if they won't get along that well, you'll want to know how you can make sure all your pets are happy and safe. Click here to learn how to introduce ferrets and dogs successfully.