Adventures of Tony and Rosie

by Jennifer Dabney
(Columbia, South Carolina)

My parents had bought my brothers two ferrets and they are the cutest things. Tony and Rosie. They have just the funniest moments. Especially after baths, they'll roll and rub and dig under the towels; even against us when we hold them or sit on the floor.

Just several days ago we took them for their first outing in our yard, now we had their harnesses and leashes, and they had so much fun. Tony was a bit unsure and kept trying to climb up our legs, in which we picked him up and comforted him, petting and soothing. Rosie loved it, her little tail was all puffed up and she was sniffing and wandering around, enjoying herself. She seemed to love the small bushes by our house and climbed through them, even Tony had fun.

They love to run, jump and wrestle around. While Tony loves to hang out on our shoulders, Rosy is content in our arms and she is the cutest, she'll roll over on her back when she wants attention and Tony will jump at our legs.

Now, while they love my brothers and are theirs, they love it whenever someone else loves on them or walk into he room when they are out.
They are caged seeing as how we have a large lab that had lived on the streets before we got him so he gets really excited when he sees them and has tried to snap at them so we can't really trust him, plus we have a cat so we keep them in the cage during most of the day for their safety but they get out every night for about two or three hours.

It makes me want to get my own but Tony and Rosie are about two, turning three in December so I'm a little wary but it is up to my parents if they want to get me one or not.

They are a joy to have around.

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Apr 29, 2012
Thanks for sharing Tony and Rosie’s adventures!
by: Ferrets Melbourne

Tony and Rosie sound adorable! It’s great to hear that you’re able to walk them on leash. I’ve tried with my current two ferrets, Kame and Kali and previous ferrets, but was never successfully due to size (too petite) or general intolerance.

As you may know, ferrets are crepuscular, being active around dawn and dusk and they sleep around 18 hours a day so I wouldn’t worry about their amount of cage time. I find my guys quickly adapt to my schedule and know when to wake up for play time!

I also have dogs and don’t allow them to have unsupervised interaction. My dogs, being reasonably large can’t keep up with a fast ferret and get defensive so we don’t have them in the same room together. There is also the cat, but she gets along well with the ferrets and has the ability to jump out of their reach then she has had enough of their antics.

With regards to adding to your business, I would suggest being careful with who you select. From my experience, not all ferrets will get along so it might be good to socialize with your existing ferrets if possible to see how they interact.

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