Ash The Ferret

by mason
(toronto ontario canada)

Hi, I love this page, I owned a ferret for two years before it died. I think it's important for you to know how it died, I bought a toy from a company called MARSHAL FERRETS and it was a large fish that the ferret could go inside and sleep in, there was a bell hanging from the top of the fish for it to play with inside, this fish was plush. A few days after giving it to my ferret (Ash seemed to love it as he never came out) I realized that he wasn't really moving and he had poo'd in the toy, the poo was orange and stringy, I then realized it was full of the fish's stuffing... I rushed him to the animal hospital but as the vet was taking an ultrasound it was too late, He passed away... I want to make it very clear that Marshal ferret toys are unsafe for ferrets, with that said, I think all stuffed toys are a bad idea... let me know if your ferrets are good or bad around stuffed toys... my email is Thanks

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Jan 10, 2012
by: Nadia

Hi Mason, thanks for sharing your story here. Hopefully it will make other ferret owners more aware of the toys they give their fuzzbutts and help save other ferrets in the process.

It baffles me that a company like Marshall Ferrets would make toys that aren't 100% ferret proof. So sorry you had to go through that.

TIP for all ferret owners: check all the toys you give your fuzzies for loose or dangling accessories and remove them, regardless of whether the toy was designed for ferrets or not.

Aug 18, 2013
by: Martin

Mason, so very sorry for your loss. It is truly sad that pet toys are not completely safe. This happened to my mom when her dog choked on a piece of it's Kong (a virtually indestructible chew toy). I hope ferrants read your story and avoid or at least check their stuffies daily (I check twice a day), and don't have to realize the pain this loss has.

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