Dwilight Light leinbach, My best friend

by Sabrina Leinbach
(West Linn, Oregon)

Dwilight, the great

Dwilight, the great

Dwilight, the great
Me and my baby boy Dwilight
Dwilight and his sissy Twilight

When i was in 5th grade i decided to adopt two baby ferrets, Their names Twilight and Dwilight.

Dwilight was a handsome blonde haired male who fit in perfectly with his dark brown sister Twilight. Twilight is a shy quiet ferret, but Dwilight brought out her crazy side. He taught her how to break out of the cage, attack my feet, and be fearless. He was a pain in my butt, but I loved every minute of it.

I remember letting them out of their cage to run and Dwilight jumping on my bed and attacking my leg to get my attention, I would laugh and run around my room chasing them.

As I sit on my bed writing this I cant help but catch myself stare at the edge of the bed wishing to see his cute little face peer over the corner.

His passing away just happened so fast I didn't have any time to think or react till now. I came home and he was just lying in the middle of his cage, he looked so weak and could barely move, he refused to eat or drink, so I took him to the vet the next day where he continued to get worse and worse.

The Vet said that the X-ray showed a mass in his stomach and it looked like cancer. She said she didnt know how much time he had left but that he probably wouldn't make it through chemo or surgery and that he was probably in pain.

His heart rate and temperature was going down by the minute, so I decided as his mother, that I was going to let him rest peacefully, and be put to sleep. The nurse gave me the option to be there with him as he passed or to have them take him in the back and do it, but I knew that it was my responsibility to make his last moments easy and to be there for him when he needs me like all the times he was there for me.

I held him wrapped in his favorite blanket and repeated "I love you, I love you, I love you." until he was no longer alive.

I miss him so much and it feels like half of my heart has been ripped out but I stay strong so that I can take care of his sister Twilight, and make sure she lives a happy and stress free life.

Dwilight was much more to me than a ferret, he was my best friend, and my rock. Rest in peace little dude and I cant wait for the day I get to enter heavens gate and hug you once more. <3

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Aug 12, 2014
by: Nadia

Sabrina, thank you for writing this, it's beautiful.

I'm sure Dwilight appreciated you staying with him in his last moments here on earth. Deciding to put a beloved pet to sleep is the toughest decision pet owners have to make. Rest assured that you did the right thing for Dwilight.

Take your time to grieve for your best friend, no matter how long it may take or what other people may think.

And don't feel like you have to be strong all the time, it's okay to let Twilight comfort you as much as you comfort her.

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