Ferret Bueller

by Madeline
(Sherman oaks, CA)

Ferret Bueller was my best friend. I had him for almost 2 years. He was the most playful, sweetest, loving, fun and adorable little guy in the world.

He didn't live In a cage. He has multiple beds around the house because ferrets sleep all the time and he always needed to be I the room that I was in. He would sleep during the day and when I got home from work he would hear me and come running to meet me at the door.

He would play tag with me and we would chase each other around the house. He loved wrapping himself around my feet and nibbling at my toes when he was super hyper. I would wrestle him with my hand and he would wrap himself around my hand nibbling on it. He would always give me kisses and be wherever I was.

Whenever I brought something in the house he didn't recognize, like a bag he would always climb inside to investigate what was new in the house, lol. He had a drawer in every room that he made his own and he would always stash his goodies in there.

Skittles were his favorite treat in the world, I would always have to hide them because he would do whatever he could to get his hands on them. He loved to play in water. Every time I got out of the shower, he was right there licking the water off of me.

Ferrets usually don't like to sleep with people so I've heard from research, but every morning I woke up he would be snuggled up under the blanket at the end of my bed.

I would always take him for car rides with me and he would either sit with his face out the window or lay in the dash by the steering wheel so he could watch me drive.

I have so many stories, i could write a book. 1 week ago, he got so sick he couldn't walk. I took him to the vet and after test after test they couldn't figure out what was wrong but said I had to put him to sleep.

I haven't left my bed, I am so depressed. I just dropped him off to get cremated and will have his ashes Tuesday. I am such a mess. I am so heartbroken. How do you say goodbye to the love of your life? How do I live life now?

My mom sent me this site and I am praying to god that this will help give me closure. I miss him so much. I can't even be in my home because he is everywhere.

What do I do? I am so lost.

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Apr 02, 2015
So sorry for your loss
by: Nadia

Hey Madeline, I am so sorry you had to lose your buddy. It sucks. And hurts like hell. But it will get better.

Keep remembering all the good times (sounds like you've had lots). And you know what, maybe you should write a book about all your stories together. Even if it is just for yourself. It might help you heal a little, and deal with the loss.

Take your time to grieve, and ignore anyone who belittles your pain or tells you "it's just a pet". That kind of people aren't worth your time and energy and have never enjoyed the true friendship a pet can offer.

My thoughts are with you.

May 05, 2015
My condolences
by: Justin

I'm very sorry that your weird (in and endearing way) ferret has passed away. I can only hope that you can have a relationship like that with a new ferret if you decide to get one, and Nadia is right you should use the emotions and experiences you've felt to write a book. I guarantee that will take a good sum of the pain away as it will be away to grief but also remember him.

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