Ferret Care Tips

Proper ferret care can take up quite a bit of your time. But, it's vital to keep your fuzzy healthy. And to bond with him. You're not on your own though. I've collected everything you need to know about caring for ferrets right here on this website to help you out.

Before you adopt a ferret, you should ask yourself ‘How long do ferrets live’. Actually, you should ask yourself how long any pet you intend on caring for will live.

Ferret exercise is an important part of good ferret care. It should take up a big part of your fuzzies life. It keeps them happy, healthy and stimulated. So make sure they get plenty of it on a daily basis.

Training ferrets is important for several reasons. It will improve the relationship between you and your fuzzbutt. You'll need to do less cleaning (think housetraining accidents). And your fuzzies will be safer when they know where they can and cannot go.

Ferret litter training is something you must invest time in. It will make your life a lot more enjoyable and stress-free when you don't have to check every corner in your house for pools and puddles.

Bathing ferrets can be quite an experience that takes some preparation. Don't bathe your fuzzy too often though. It'll do more harm than good; he'll smell worse than ever and end up with dry, flaky skin.

Ferret teeth care is an important part of the weekly grooming session. You can spot illnesses quickly and keep your fuzzy pain free and healthy to live a long life.

Ferret ear mites are most likely the only ear related problem your fuzzy will ever encounter. It takes some time and patience to treat though. Not to mention your fuzzbutt will hate it...

Ferret breeding is not for the faint of heart. Sure fuzzy kits are adorable. But there are certain things you need to consider before you take on this challenging task. Both emotionally and financially.