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If you're anything like me, you have hundreds of ferret pictures on your harddrive. Okay, okay, it's more like thousands, but who's counting.

And you probably love sharing stories about your fuzzy's crazy antics. Problem is, not everybody is interested in those stories. I can tell by the looks on my ferret-free friends and family faces, that they're thinking "oh no, not another one of those stories about her ferrets...".

Well, you can share all the stories you want right here, with other fuzzy lovers. All you have to do is fill in the form below. You can upload one of your favorite ferret pictures as well, and create your very own webpage dedicated to one of your fuzzballs. Think of it as a fuzzy version of Facebook ;-)

Share whatever story you want, and don't forget to read about, and comment on, other people's stories while you're here.

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Other People's Ferret Pictures and Stories

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Smelly Gee 
I picked her up on the street just by my apartment, a big surprise in a spring morning about two years ago. What a cutie little thing! Everyday we …

Gizmo and Oscar in bed

Gizmo the nippy kit 
Name: Gizmo. Nicknames: Gizzie, Giz, Woozle, Little monster, Mr Modo, Gizzie-mo, Terror. Gender: Male. Colour: Polecat Roan. Hello My name …

Sweet Ozzie boy

Oscar the cheeky fuzzbutt 
Name: Oscar. Nicknames: Ozzie, Ozz, Woozle, That cheeky weasel, Bruiser. Gender: Male. Colour: Creamy yellow albino. Hi All My name is Oscar …


Mr. Mog 
Mowgli is our first ferret and he is an absolute sweetheart. My kids love him and he is such a good sport. He likes to cuddle and his favorite place …

Adventures of Tony and Rosie 
Hello. My parents had bought my brothers two ferrets and they are the cutest things. Tony and Rosie. They have just the funniest moments. Especially …


Jazmyn Getting a Bath! 
Hi there, my name is Sami and I am in middle school, I have two ferrets and I live in Iowa. I am writing this because I have actually been looking for …

Fish to Farret 
So last weekend I decided to go to the Pet Store and get myself a fish, well I came home with a Ferret! As I'm standing in the living room watching my …

We have some friends that had a temporary job transfer... to Singapore. They didn't want to bring any of their pets because of the difficulties. They …

Double the Saving 
When I was 7 months pregnant I went to the SPCA in Vernon, BC and fell in love with a troubled, unloved ferret named Affina. She was the scrawniest thing …

Need Help with an Aggressive Fuzzy! 
I am looking for some advice from fellow fuzzy owners and it was suggested by Nadia for me to post my problem on here so if anyone can help it would be …

rosy having a cuddle

My ferret Rosy 
hey, not long ago i found a ferret wondering around my garden so we rescued her and posted notices all over town and after a month no one claimed her …

My Little Leo

Expanding my Fuzzy Family 
My hunt for a ferret companion began several weeks back. I decided it was time to introduce Harper, my first, and original cinnamon fuzzy to a new friend. …

I happen to be walking from my living room to my kitchen and glanced out the sliding glass door when Something "hopping" across my yard caught my eye. …

Shes sleepy =)

Hunny, Ruler of the household!! 
Hunny, My one-ish year old ferret loves to think that she rules my house....shes right! She is always beating up on Uusa(my other ferret) and my cat Goku. …

My fuzzy keitaro was getting a drink of water in the cage and alexi wanted to play with him still. Alexi stalked him about three feet outside the cafe …

Lucky Penny 
My ferret, Penny, is very spunky. One time I was on the third floor of my house, I was looking for a movie, to watch with my boyfriend, and Penny must …

The best pet for me 
I realy want a pet but my parents won't let me because they think it is to much work.I really wan't an Albino ferret and have been reserching them for …

Ma ninja ferret Bubbie  
What's up people! My ninja ferret Bubbie is so mysterious like i see her sleeping one second (Her snoring is sooo cute!)

My Crazy Life Not rated yet
OK, so I have 9 four foot lifesavers. Isolde is the oldest,followed by Burt, then Isabelle, Smokey and Bandit, Xena,Rose, and our newest rescues Phillip …

My Ferret In The Snow!!! Not rated yet
Hey, Once my ferret ran away from home(Dont know how) we where looking for her all day then I thought we will lose her forever but on the other day I …

Charlie the ferret! Not rated yet
I adopted Charlie 2 years ago when he was a mere 5 weeks! He has the biggest personality! He gets along great with humans, dogs & cats! He is such a loveee …

Fuzzy lovebugs playing in a tunnel! Not rated yet
I have 2 ferrets rico and thunder(the picture is of thunder)and in their cage they have a bunch of tunnels. So one morning i wake up 2 hear their cage …

Nibbler and one of his favorite toys

Nibbler – King of the Kong Not rated yet
Name: Nibbler Nicknames: Nibble, Niblos, Fatty McFat, Fatso, Munchkin, Mustella, Speedbump, Frutsel Comes from: private breeder Nibbler is one …

I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good

Stitch - Ferret on Springs Not rated yet
Name: Stitch Nicknames: Stitchewitch, Slinky, Slim Jim, Stitchewiet, Munchkin, Mustella, Frutsel Comes from: private breeder Originally I wanted …

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