Ferret Training Tips

Training your ferret is more like trying to train a cat, not a dog. So some ferret training tips should come in handy.

  • First thing you should realize is that your fuzzy has no intention of pleasing you. Instead he wants to please himself (or his belly). So if you’re used to training golden retrievers, you’re in for a challenge.

  • Although they seem relentless when they want something, fuzzies have an extremely short attention span when you want them to do something.

  • And don’t even think about training your ferret when you just released him from the ferret cage. He’ll be too excited and curious to see if anything has changed in the house.

  • Appeal to his taste buds with yummy treats like chicken or supplements like Ferretone or Linatone.

  • Start ferret training in a room without distractions (that includes other ferrets and pets).

  • Keep training sessions short; no more than 5 minutes

The one thing you’ll want to pay most attention to is ferret litter training. It's also the most challenging in my opinion. So the ferret training tips you'll find on the litter training page should help you out a lot.

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