Ferret Videos

I can spend hours looking at ferret videos. It's almost as much fun as watching your own little bandits romp around the house. There's a lot less cleaning up though ;-)

If you have a tendency, like me, to surf from ferret videos to kittens, to dogs, to what not on youtube, you'll be glad you ended up on this page. Strictly fuzzball videos. No distractions, no fluff, just lots of fuzz.

BTW, if you ever want to download a youtube video to your computer, you can use the Keeptube addon for firefox to download the video and the FLV Pro player to play the downloade videos. Both are free of charge.

I'll get this party started with a video of my fuzzball Nibbler getting into his sleeping bag. He hurt his leg the day before I shot the video so he's limping a little.

I challenge you not to smile at the next ferret video. Seriously, try it :-) Just look at the little dookster go!

Ferret harnesses and why you should test them before taking Mr Fuzzbutt outside...

Ferret breeding is not for the faint of heart. The video below is what the foreplay looks like. I'm just glad the sound of the video isn't too loud...


Ferret meets parrot

Ferret meets rat...they don't seem that interested though

Ferret meets hedgehog (supershort)

Wolf in sheeps clothing, I mean, ferret in bunny's clothing

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