Fish to Farret

by Skittles Mommy

So last weekend I decided to go to the Pet Store and get myself a fish, well I came home with a Ferret! As I'm standing in the living room watching my boyfriend set up the new cage, I'm thinking to myself "OMG what was I thinking" I don't have a clue how to take care of a ferret, what do they eat? do they need a litter box? will the ferret get along with my cats or vice versa?
Well I jumped on the internet and googled everything I could find about taking care of a ferret. I know what to feed her and how to litter train her, what all of her needs will be, but the best info about ferret training hasn't come from google or the internet or any books I've been reading......Skittles (that's my new babies name)has taught me so much, like where she wants to sleep in her cage, where she wants her litter box,that she prefers her water bowl upside down and her food at the bottom of the cage and not inside the bowl, what toys she wants to play with (like my new shoes) and what needs to be done to Skittle proof the house. It's not about training the ferret but about the ferret training me, sometimes I don't get things right the first time but Skittles is very patient with me. She insist I will be a good Mommy with practice.
Ive only been Skittles Mommy for a week but I'm so glad I came home with a ferret and not a fish as I'm sure the fish would not be as patient with me as Skittles is.

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Sep 25, 2011
cheers for a fun long life together
by: Anonymous

Dear Skittles Mommy,

Welcome to the amazing world of ferrets!!! :) I have to admit that I completely relate to the "Now what?" feeling, as despite doing plenty research before getting my little one... I ended up realizing she was a mystery to me!!!! :))) It took me some time to get to actually hear her subtle sounds, to understand her body language... and it is an amazing feeling.

I recommend taking a look to the book "Ferrets For Dummies" (I know... no intention of offense) as it does have some handy info, but most importantly, that you take ferret-proofing to be an important mission and understand they are like having a 2 year old around... if there is trouble they'll most likely find it!!! (I had to run for emergency surgery once as she ate a small piece of foam from headphones from my friends who were visiting... you never know!)

It is nice that you are adapting to the little one, you seem very flexible and open minded and that's a good approach, however, make sure to give a few rules though, lots of love and a "structure" to teach when they are going too far is a must... when my little one would nib too strong out of excitement, I would not hurt her but teach her the way ferrets do amongst themselves: I'd drag her a bit on the floor by the scruff, that tells them you are the boss and don't approve. It doesn't hurt them at all and teaches them some social rules that are very important for a long and fun relationship (it is a great feeling to be confident that there is no tendency of biting strangers)

Enjoy!!!!!! =)

PS: The water and food bowl must be heavy enough so they don't tilt it.... because they have an expertise on that! :)))

Oct 09, 2011
Cuddle time
by: Skittles Mommy

Thank you for you advise, I did see the book "ferrets for dummies" and I love it, and yes ferret proofing I found (or skittles showed me lol) is sooo important, I gave her a little ball that my cats had and very quickly realized she was biting little pieces off it and it was to my horror a hard foamy ball! I had read on a ferret website that this is dangerous for ferrets, and took it away. Thank goodness I got it in time, so now I'm very cautious about toys she can have.

Skittles has the run of the house most times (when she's not sleeping) so I have gotten down on my hands and knees to see what she can see and "get into" and it is a whole other world down there lol. As for the biting, we have not yet had a problem with Skittles doing this, even when she is doing her crazy dance and really playful she is very gentle with her teeth.

She is about 4 months old now and I was wondering if its because of her age or just a ferret thing but she is not very cuddly unless she just wakes up or I pick her up when she's sleeping, most times she just wants to play and that's awesome as I love how playful and crazy she can be but would also love some more cuddle time with her. Any suggestions would be great!

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