by Karen
(New Jersey)

We adopted Floyd from the local animal shelter. He was our second ferret (our first was also adopted from the same shelter). Floyd was special from the very beginning, he was taken to the vet as soon as we adopted him and we found out that he had a tumor on his pancreas that created insulin so he was put on prednisone every 12 hours. With Floyd it was a labor of love, he was always so good about taking his medicine. Shortly after that he was diagnosed with adrenal disease, a condition he had in common with his cagemate.
Floyd loved the outdoors and enjoyed running around our yard. He also liked to "snorkel" in our dog's water dish outside He would put his nose in and pull out a leaf that had fallen in the dish. He was easy going, very laid back and he would like to snuggle on occasion.
When we adopted Floyd we were told he was 2-3 years old. As it turned out that wasn't the case we had an emergency with him that required a specialist and it turned out he also had lymphoma and was at least 6-8 years old. At the time of the emergency we had had him a little less than a year. He was given chemotherapy and we brought him home. He ran around the house when we brought him home like he was brand new and within an hour he was gone. It takes some time to cope with the fact your young guy isn't so young and then to lose him so quickly is a heartbreaker. Please anyone who is considering adopting a "fuzzy" there will never be a greater love or more heartbreaking loss.

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Feb 15, 2012
thank you
by: alex

Dear Floyd's family,

The loss of a little fuzzball is indeed heartbreaking... more so when experiencing the toughness of illness (a way too common set of illnesses in the world of ferrets I must say... according to my vets, possibly due to too much inbreeding from careless breeders... sad) but you must concentrate on the fact that little Floyd had a taste of true happiness for that one year, that you gave it all and he died knowing he had protection and love... and all that thanks to your great heart.

I myself lost a rescued ferret last may under similar circumstances (incredible void) and now work at an animal shelter where 6 ferrets warm my heart daily.

Ferrets are amazing creatures when given the chance... the long sleeping hours make people think they are low maintenance... but I beg to differ (and many shelters would agree). Like in any relationship, there is effort to be put! and responsible and caring people like you, who understand the true commitment having a pet is, are both an example and motivation to keep the wheel going at the shelters.

I just wanted to send a note to let you know not only how deeply I feel your pain but also to thank you.

My thoughts are with you,

Feb 15, 2012
Poor boy...
by: Nadia

but lucky boy to have spent the last year of his life with such a loving and caring family. It must've been unbelievably hard to find out how old Floyd was and how bad his health was. But I'm glad you can remember the good times. And it's true what you say, if you've never owned a ferret, you'll never know the joy and the heartache (they are so worth it though...).

Lots of hugs.

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