Gizmo the nippy kit

by Alex

Gizmo and Oscar in bed

Gizmo and Oscar in bed

Name: Gizmo.
Nicknames: Gizzie, Giz, Woozle, Little monster, Mr Modo, Gizzie-mo, Terror.
Gender: Male.
Colour: Polecat Roan.


My name is Gizmo but my mummy calls me Gizzie. My favourite things are playing with Oscar, running through tunnels, eating Cheweasels, digging at the carpet and chasing jingle balls. My mummy says that I am a naughty little horror but I think she loves me as she lets me use her as a bed.

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Aug 12, 2014
my condolences
by: Nadia

My heart goes out to you and your husband. Having to say goodbye to Bandit so soon after he became part of your family is horrible.

Everybody grieves in their own way. I'm glad you can find comfort in talking to Bandit, I'm certain his energy is listening, wherever he may be now.

Thank you for sharing Bandit's story and pictures with us.

Aug 12, 2014
Thank You
by: Kirsten

Thank you Nadia for your kind words. And a special thanks for allowing me to post a tribute to him on your site!

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