How Long Do Ferrets Live?

Before you adopt a ferret, you should ask yourself ‘How long do ferrets live’. Actually, you should ask yourself how long any pet you intend on caring for will live.

The average ferret life span is 7 years. Thankfully, as vets and ferret owners learn more and more about fuzzies, the ferret life expectancy seems to be increasing. 9 to 10 year old fuzzies are no longer exceptions. I’ve even heard of a fuzzball that doubled the average life span and crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the very respectful age of 14.

Personally, I think you can give your ferret a hand in increasing his life span. A healthy diet, safe and stress-free environment, the right ferret cage and timely visits to the vet, will all help in increasing your ferret’s life expectancy. Provided no horrible accidents happen.

So how long do ferrets live? I advise you to count on 10 years. Will you be able to care for your fuzzy the next 10 years? Do you really think your kid who’s been nagging to get a fuzzball will still care for it in 10 years (or in 1 year for that matter)? Are you planning any big changes in the next 10 years, like moving house? Who will take care of your fuzzball when you go on a much needed vacation?

Ask yourself all those questions, and answer them honestly. Then, and only then, you can decide to add a furry carpet shark to your family.

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