Hunny, Ruler of the household!!

by Nicky B
(Red Deer Canada)

Shes sleepy =)

Shes sleepy =)

Hunny, My one-ish year old ferret loves to think that she rules my house....shes right! She is always beating up on Uusa(my other ferret) and my cat Goku. and yesterday Goku and Uusa were playing with their squeeky mouse and Hunny marched right on up, looked at the mouse, ripped the mouse from Gokus grip and hid it inside my couch =) my tiny thieves

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Sep 24, 2010
It's funny because it's true
by: Nadia

Nibbler is exactly the same. He'll stare at my dog Tassie for minutes when she has a squeeky rubber chicken in her mouth, and then BOOMMMM, he snatches it right from the dog's mouth running as fast as he can, trying to drag the (way too big) chicken into his favorite hidey hole. Tassie usually just stands there for a few seconds, stunned, not really knowing what just happened.

As small as they are, ferrets really do run the household, you're so right about that :-)

Jun 05, 2011
To be ferret owner
by: Rebekah

That is REALLY cute! I hope that when I get a ferret it will be just as fun as yours <3 Ferrets Forever <3

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