Hunting With Ferrets

Although I’m against hunting for “fun”, this website wouldn’t be complete without a page about hunting with ferrets (also known as ferreting).

As a matter of fact, most people I talk to seem to think ferrets are only used for hunting. The thought of keeping those “wild hunters” as pets never even occurred to them.

I’m sure the hunting instinct will be present more noticeably in some ferrets, but my fuzzies instincts seem to stop after the chase. If their “prey” stops moving, they lose interest. So if you want to take up hunting with ferrets, you might have to start the training from the absolute beginning.

That said, if you don’t own a fuzzy yet, you’re better off searching for a breeder who specifically breeds fuzzies for their hunting instincts. Especially in countries such as the UK, US and France you can find these types of breeders. Choosing a fuzzy with the right instincts will make the training so much easier.

Very much like dogs, fuzzies were used for hunting long before they became pets. Their long, slim bodies and their curiosity meant they were perfect for hunting all kinds of rodents. The black footed ferret in America still hunts prairie dogs.

Although some countries have made ferreting illegal out of fear of unbalancing the ecological environment, some countries have started using ferrets as an environmentally friendly way of keeping rabbit populations under control.


Ferreting Tips

Here are a few tips if you want to go ferreting:

  • Keep your fuzzy fit
  • Feed your ferret 3 to 4 hours before going hunting
  • Make sure he's well rested before the hunt (so he doesn't fall asleep in a rabbit hole)
  • Put tubes in the ferret cage and pick your fuzzy up when exits a tube
  • Use different nets depending on the undergrowth
  • Use a ferret finder collar like the Ferret Finder Mk3M to track your fuzzy

ferret finder collar hunting with ferrets net



Hunting With Ferrets Video

Take a look at the video below to see ferreting in action. Warning; they kill a cute little bunny at around 3:00 (it’s not bloody or violent or anything, but I personally prefer to be warned of these things, so I give you the same benefit here).

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