Jazmyn Getting a Bath!

by Sami



Hi there, my name is Sami and I am in middle school, I have two ferrets and I live in Iowa. I am writing this because I have actually been looking for facts about my ferrets. I have had my ferrets for about 2 years or so. I did not get them when they were babies though. See, my mom's friend (Dave) actually had them for two years, but my mom's friend brother died.. and so Dave couldn't have them anymore because Dave and his brother lived together in a house that they were renting to own, but he couldn't afford it. So Dave asked my mom. My mom then asked me if I wanted them, and of course I said yes! And I totally fell in love with them when I first saw 'em. One is a boy named Bandit. The other one is a girl and her name is Jazmyn. I love it when they sleep and play, especially when they sleep in very weird positions. Bandit likes stealing my stuff a lot, and hides it under my bed! They are like my best friends. But the thing is, we are not allowed to have pets in my home now, since we moved. So I asked my dad if he could take them, and he said he would! (by the way my parents are divorced.) But anyway I was so happy! I go to his house every week. But then I begin to notice that their attitudes changed. I don't think that they even recognize me. I think they are depressed. I also noticed that Jazmyn's tail is beginning to lose a ton of hair, and she keeps on acting like she is going to barfing up a hairball. I do not know what to do, so that's why I was looking up ferret facts. The another thing is that, I haven't told my mother yet.. and I really think I should. I have been crying for hours now, because I just want to know if this is going to go serious, or if she's gonna be okay. :'(
Thanks for all for reading my story.

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Jan 10, 2012
When in doubt, go see a vet
by: Nadia

Hey Sami, love your story. And I'm also a big fan of the way ferrets sleep. It just looks downright uncomfortable and completely hilarious most of the time. And the little noises they make when they sleep... :-)

About Jazmyn, tell your mom and take the little fuzzbutt to a vet asap. It could be just a hairball or that she's a little depressed and losing some hair because of the stress (she probably gets a lot less attention now that she's not staying with you anymore). But I wouldn't take any chances, especially as you probably can't keep an eye on your fuzzies daily.

My heart goes out to you Sami, both my fuzzies are currently very ill (Stitch is undergoing surgery this Thursday for insulinoma...pretty much a last-ditch effort), so I know how worried you are.

Hoping Jazmyn will have coughed up a hairball by now...Keep us updated.


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