Little One

by George Waybenais
(Kirtland,New Mexico, US)



About two years ago, my 22 year old daughter brought home a white ferret with black eyes when she moved in back with us. My wife and I were afraid at first because we thought it would bite. We held it a bit when our daughter gave it to us to hold, but we immediately gave it back to her.

My daughter got into some trouble and we ended up caring for her ferret named Kryp. At first we kept him in the cage, but that soon changed where we would let him out to play. We found that we liked to watch him run and roll around the carpet before going back to sleep in his cage.

We began holding him more and soon he was sometimes sleeping in our bed. A few times he would climb up the side of the bed just so he could sleep with us. I later told my wife that I could not believe how much he had grown on us. We didn't know how old he was because another friend of our daughter had given Kryp to her.

My wife and I have busy schedules and we found that Kryp had adjusted his sleep habits so he could spend time with us. Since the fall of 2013, we found Kryp to be in some sort of catatonic state, but he quickly came out of it. He was fine until January of 2014 when it occurred again and this time we took him to the Vet.

The Vet advised that it could be Insulinoma, but due to the time period since the last occurrence that might not be the case.

We kept an eye on him more, and we began adding vitamin drops in his water. No more occurrences happen until 05/04/2013 around 5:00pm. I found Kryp catatonic again and he was hanging half out of his hammock. I noticed his feet were all blue as well as his nose. I thought he was dead but when I took him out he was still breathing. My wife had to go to work and she notified my daughter. Kryp's color came back, but he never came out of it.

Kryp began having seizures, and for some reason my wife was called off work and told to come back to work in the morning to work the day schedule. She picked up my daughter and returned home around 8:00pm. My wife( a nurse) said that it didn't look good since he did not come out of it yet and the seizures were severe.

My daughter finally made the decision to have Kryp to be put to sleep. We contacted the Vet and they advised the same thing. We made it to the Vet. and just as we were signing him in. Kryp passed away in my hands at 8:35pm. We believe Kryp waited for us to be all together before leaving us. We are all devastated and still grieving at the lost of Kryp.

Never in our life did my wife and I would hurt so much from his passing let alone my daughter. We love and miss you Kryp.

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May 06, 2014
Unconditional love
by: Nadia

Thank you for sharing your story about Kryp here, George.

It's uncanny how they "weasel" their way into our hearts, even if we don't expect them to. I lost both my fuzzies to insulinoma, so I know what you had to go through. And I do believe Kryp did wait for the whole family to be together to say goodbye.

I'm sure Kryp and my fuzzbutts are war dancing their little hearts out over the rainbow bridge, all the while keeping an eye on us.

My heart and thoughts go out to you and your family.

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