Lucky Penny

My ferret, Penny, is very spunky. One time I was on the third floor of my house, I was looking for a movie, to watch with my boyfriend, and Penny must have followed us upstairs. I found a movie and turned around to see Penny at my feet. She began jumping backwards farther and farther. I heard a loud thump. I screamed and my boyfriend caught me from falling. We both ran to the bottom floor to see Penny happily jumping around. My jaw dropped in amazement to find an un-injured ferret who had just fell three stories. We took her to the vet and concluded that she was ok. Thank God!

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Nov 07, 2011
Very lucky indeed
by: Nadia

That really is a lucky Penny...I've seen my fuzzies fall down from furniture, but never from that high. They really are furry slinkies when you think about it.

The good thing about these kind of accidents that end well, is that you start paying more attention when your fuzzkids are running loose. A bit like a wake up call. It's so easy to get distracted and open a door to a room that isn't ferret proofed...

I'm glad to hear Penny survived without any problems.

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