Need Help with an Aggressive Fuzzy!

I am looking for some advice from fellow fuzzy owners and it was suggested by Nadia for me to post my problem on here so if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

I bought Luna my female from a breeder when she was 5 weeks old. The breeder told us that the kits were weaned and ready to be separated from the mother, only a couple of months after did we realize that this was way too early to be taken from the mother and she hadn't yet learnt to socialize. She was essentially spoiled for the first six months of her life; she sleeps in the bed and gets cream every day.

Then we introduced her to Luka a male we bought from a pet shop who was the same age, since we decided it was wrong to leave her by herself all day whilst I was at college and my boyfriend at work. However she attacked him virtually non-stop and won hands down every single time even though he was twice her size. I don't mind dominance fighting but she NEVER goes for the neck or scruff and ALWAYS goes for the base of the tail. She just latches on and rags, to the point of bleeding.

It took about four months before she stopped this behaviour and now they are inseparable. They have the occasional dominance fight but thats all.

Now we have just introduced two new males to Luka and Luna called Rocco and Otto. Rocco is similar age, but Otto is about 8 months older. There was initial dominance fighting between Rocco and Luka but now they get on great. Luka is fine with Otto too. Luna used to attack Rocco but he now stands up for himself and can deal with her bullying just fine.

However with Otto it is a completely different story. Luna attacks him the same way she used to attack Luka, ragging the tail to the point of bleeding. The thing is, he's too timid to stand up for himself so I think Luna is bullying him. But today it was the final straw when I had to take him to the vets because his wounds were infected and was charged an obscene amount of money for antibiotics. I had been using Germalene to keep his tail clean but the vet told me this was not enough. I am at my wits end with her, I know she might stop eventually as she did with Luka, but I'm also worried she will never stop because he won't stand up for himself.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Jun 16, 2011
Fighting Ferrets - Could use more tips
by: Nadia

Heather already followed the advice from my introducing a new ferret page.

Unfortunately it wasn't very helpful in this case. And I don't have a lot of personal experience with fighting ferrets (not since my boys were neutered).

So, fellow ferret lovers, if you have any more tips or ideas to help Luna and Otto get along, hit the post comments link below.

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