Nibbler – King of the Kong

by Nadia

Nibbler and one of his favorite toys

Nibbler and one of his favorite toys

Name: Nibbler

Nicknames: Nibble, Niblos, Fatty McFat, Fatso, Munchkin, Mustella, Speedbump, Frutsel

Comes from: private breeder

Nibbler is one of my 2 ferrets (read about Stitch here). He’s a week younger than Stitch, yet he’s a lot bigger (hence the nicknames Fatty McFat and Fatso).Both fuzzies went without a name for 3 weeks because I wanted to give them a name that fit their personalities. And apparently Nibbler loved to nibble. He still does actually.

With complete disregard to his own life, he loves to steal and hide my dog’s toys. Preferably right from the dog’s mouth. Luckily for him, Tassie the dog is pretty tolerant towards my ferrets. His favorite toys are the Kong (as you can see in the picture) and a squeaky rubber chicken.

Other than the stealing, Nibbler’s a pretty mellow ferret. He prefers to take in a situation from a distance. Preferably in speedbump style or hiding in one of his many hidey-holes.

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