Rascal, My Angel

by GraceR
(Sterling, PA)

Rascal changed my life forever. She was the adorable runt of the litter that was all alone when we first met, so I always knew that we were meant to be together. Rascal & I only spent 6 years and 1 month together, but she taught me so much in that time. My baby girl had such a violent, painful, unending seizure today that the only option the vet gave me was euthanizing her. I first found her lying on the bottom of her cage on her side, feet running frantically, foaming at the mouth and vomitting. I went alone to the vet because my family wasn't at home (and had no clue of what was happening), and I recently broke-up with my boyfriend. While I was rushing to the vet, my baby girl screamed. I've never heard such a terrible sound in my life. I rushed around driving with her in my lap screaming as I tried to follow directions on my phone as she vomited on herself and me. I took a few wrong turns, and feel guilty about this being the reason why she had to be put to sleep even though I asked the doctor and she said that timing didn't have anything to do with it. After taking the longest route ever, I got her to the hospital where her blood sugar level was found to be 20. I had put honey on her gums before I left the house to try and stabilize her sugar levels, but it made absolutely no difference. I realize now that Rascy had insolinomia... undetectable until too late. But this is another fault of mine, and I feel sick. My heart feels like it's missing, and I can't eat or sleep. I had to decide to euthanize my lil' girl when I watched how much she suffered as she thrashed, and the doctor put Rascal to sleep as I held her in my arms, wrapped up in a baby blanket. I told Rasc how much I loved her and that I think she always knew. I prayed for God to please let her into Heaven forever to wait for me until I get there. I called my mom and explained what happened, and she said the kindest thing I could do for my baby was to let her sleep peacefully. When I came home, I buried Rascal with my mom and my dad helped make me a cross for her grave. Tomorrow my brother and my ex are coming over to say goodbye to my best friend and to help paint the cross. I think I made the best choice, but I am filled with regret and emptiness. I miss her so much and hope there wasn't more I should've done. But the doctor also said she wasn't stable enough for surgery to remove the tumor on her pancreas. The only comforting thoughts I have are the funny times we shared. I also always bought her new toys, treats, hammocks, clothes, and even made her a bed out of a tangerine box (that she loved!). She also loved an octopus toy, and always played with my other ferret Scooter in a washing machine tube. Rascal loved to rummage thru purses, try and steal candy, hide keys, carry milk containers under the couch, scratch empty styorofoam egg containers to make a lot of noise, and to pop balloons with her mouth. I love her and will always carry her in my heart. But I have never mourned like this need friends to support me. I would really appreciate any encouraging words. And I'm afraid my other ferret will feel really lonely v

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Rascal, My Angel

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Sep 20, 2010
Virtual licks and hugs
by: Nadia

Grace, you story brought tears to my eyes. Letting go of a pet is extremely hard, especially when it comes on so suddenly and you've had no time to prepare for it emotionally.

Rest assured that there really was nothing you could have done to prevent this, insulinoma is still hard to detect. You did everything you could to get her to the vet as soon as possible, and I know that Rascal knew this. Staying with her will have made the transition easier for her, knowing she was loved.

Take your time to grief, think of all the fun things she did that you wrote about and give your other fuzzy plenty of attention as he/she will be mourning as well.

I'm glad to hear you have an understanding family to help you through this. In the mean time, lots of hugs from me and licks from my fuzzies and dog to help ease the pain.


Feb 03, 2011
Loved and remembered everyday
by: Lynn

Hi hunni, I've just had to take my Darling man to the Rainbow bridge, my head tells me it was ok but my heart is so torn. The guilt is unbearable. I know the pain you feel right now, and I know it will never completely go away, But try to remember (like I am for my man) all the funny times & all the joy that Rascal gave you, she may be gone but her presents will be stay with you and she will be loved and remembered everyday. And when you cross the bridge a cherished loved one will be there to meet you, and dance again for you. I am sending you all my love.

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