R.I.P Aimo

by Veronica Conde
(Kansas City,United States)

I got my ferret just about a year ago. I rescued him and his cage mate from a bad situation. I brought them home and we all bonded immediately. My daughter also bonded with him. Aimo was always a high spirited playful ferret. He was also very loving. Him and his cage mate Beamer was the best of friends,and he will be missed.

This morning I walked into my room and sat on my bed,and my three year old daughter walked to the cage as usual but this time it wasn't as usual, Aimo didn't respond when she walked up just Beamer,then all of a sudden I hear my daughter saying Aimo wake up Aimo wake up! I walked over there and discovered my beloved little boy had passed.It was a very sad morning and we are all grieving of our little boy that we have lost.

R.I.P Aimo,you will be loved and missed baby boy

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