The best pet for me

by link
(rhode island)

I realy want a pet but my parents won't let me because they think it is to much work.I really wan't an Albino ferret and have been reserching them for a while.I will take it in 30 minutes in my room,I will feed it once in the morning and in the night,and I will also BYE a container and a leash.

I realy hope I get a ferret

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May 20, 2010
Maybe too early to buy a ferret?
by: Nadia

I'm glad you're doing research into keeping ferrets. They're lovely pets, but they do require specific care. To be honest, 30 minutes of ferret exercise is not really enough in my opinion. You should certainly get your fuzzy a big cage if he can't run free for a couple of hours.

Also, I'm not sure how old you are, but please think about the fact that ferrets can live up to 14 years. Will you still be able or even want to care for your fuzzy in a couple of years?

I know it's not easy to think that far ahead when you're young :-) But waiting a couple of years longer might be best for your future pet (I waited 6 years before buying ferrets).

Then again, if you're parents would be willing to share the responsibility of caring for a ferret, I'd say go for it.

Sep 14, 2010
a lil advice
by: Charlie:)

Hey, Im 15 and Ive just got a ferret a few weeks ago, and I did the same, researched alot and thought i knew everything, but that wasnt the case, when i got him home I realised that he needed more than I'd planned, 30 mins is really not enough. It was tough at first, but when they get used to you they make perfect, but high maintenance pets, but I love my lil boy. But you need alot of preperation and care. GOOD LUCK:)

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