Used Ferret Cages

As you probably already know, ferrets are expensive. Looking at used ferret cages instead of new ones, is a great way to save a few bucks. It’s a lot better to spend a little less on these kind of ferret supplies, than to skimp on quality food and medical care.

Here are a few tips to get the best deal when buying a used ferret cage.

Cleanliness of the Ferret Cage

This sort of speaks for itself really. The second hand cage should be thoroughly cleaned by the seller. Unfortunately, you’d be surprised how many people don’t bother to clean something they’re getting rid of.

As clean as it looks when you take it home, treat the cage as ground zero of a hazmat situation  before homing any fuzzies in it. Clean it again thoroughly, use disinfectant, you don’t know whether the previous inhabitants were ill or not.

State of the Cage

Take a good look at the cage’s general state, but try not to miss any details either. Are the bars chewed on? Do the hinges work properly? Do the doors lock properly?

Most of these problems can be easily taken care of with a bit of DIY, but they need to be dealt with and you might be able to get the cage for a few bucks less if you point out the extra work involved.

Buying Used Ferret Cages Online

second hand ferret cageNot every Tom, Dick and Harry has a ferret. So finding a second hand ferret cage in your area may be a bit challenging. Searching online is always a good option. Just keep in mind the following tips.

Ask for extra detailed photos. Some sellers put up pictures where you can barely make out what they’re selling. Don’t hesitate to ask for better ones. If they don’t bother to send you extra pictures, you can bet you won’t be missing out on a good deal by not buying that one.

Ask for any problems with the cage, no matter how small (like hinges, locks, dents,…). If the seller is honest about them, you can feel a little more at ease handing over your money over the internet.

Use Paypal if you can. They offer buyer protection. So if there is something horribly wrong with the ferret cage when you unwrap it, you can file a complaint with Paypal and get your money back. Provided the seller wasn’t honest about the problem of course.

If the seller has received feedback, make sure you read it. Especially the negative feedback. Use your common sense when reading negative feedback though. It’s amazing what some buyers will use as an excuse to say something negative. Put it in perspective, see how the seller dealt with, and if the same issue could occur if you buy from that seller.

When in doubt, contact the seller directly. Don’t speculate, if you want to know something, ask. Most sellers won’t mind answering a few questions (stay miles away from the ones that do). On top of that, other details might pop up, or if you’re lucky, you could even get a better deal because the seller is looking forward to selling.

To help you on your way, below are some used ferret cages for sale on

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