Welcome to Adopt a Ferret 101

adopt a ferret 101So you want to adopt a ferret? Add a little fuzzbutt to your family, a little speedbump to decorate your kitchen floor, a furry carpet shark roaming your living room carpet…

I feel I should warn you before you do though.

You see, ferrets are like potato chips…

You can never have just one :-)

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

This site will offer you everything you always wanted to know about ferrets (even the stuff you don’t want to know about…like their housetraining habits (or lack thereof)). It’s mostly aimed at first-time ferret owners. But even experienced ferret parents should have a good time here.

You’ll learn all about:

Go ahead, roam around. Discover every little nook and cranny of this site, just like a fuzzy would.

Ferret Facts
All the ferret facts you ever wanted to know, including some fun ones.
Ferret Behavior
Understanding ferret behavior will help you take better care of your fuzzies and can even save their lives
Ferret Training Tips
Training your ferret is more like trying to train a cat, not a dog. So some ferret training tips should come in handy
Ferret Health 101
Proper ferret health care can significantly extend and improve your fuzzies life. Find out about ferret illness symptoms and how to care for your sick fuzzy.
Ferret Care Tips
Everything you always wanted to know about pet ferret care...and more.
Ferret Supplies
Shopping for ferret supplies can be overwhelming. Check out my shopping list to make sure your fuzzy has everything he needs.
Ferret Cage 101
Your fuzzy spends aprox. 20 hours a day in his ferret cage. Are you sure you bought the right one?
Ferret Pictures
Looking for fun ferret pictures? Why not add your fuzzies picture and enter the ferret photo contest?
Adopt A Ferret 101 Site Policy
Read the Adopt A Ferret 101 site policies here.
Adopt A Ferret Blog
Want to adopt a ferret? What's that crazy noise my fuzzy is making? Why does my ferret bounce around like crazy? What do ferrets eat? You can find an answer to all those questions and more right here.
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About Me
Who's behind adopt-a-ferret-101.com
Has Your Ferret Died? Create A Dedicated Page
If your ferret died and you feel up to it, feel free to create a page dedicated to him. Simply fill in the form below