Bandit my fuzzy buddy

by Martin
(Elliot Lake, ON Canada)

A friend made this picture of bandit for me

A friend made this picture of bandit for me

One year ago today, Bandit came to me with his sister Mania when he was 2years old, she was 11/2. They came from a place where the owner was sick and wasn't able to interact with them properly. Bandit and I bonded very quickly, he used to sleep out of the cage, and if I was having an asthma attack, he would nip my toes until I woke up.

Two months ago, he stopped eating and pooping, and I took him to the vet thinking blockage...the vet said it was bad, and I thought he needed surgery, but he was full of tumors and one was constricting his bowel. The vet said the # of tumors was not conducive to life and I let my best friend go.

On a happier note, upon returning from the vets with my boy in a box, I took Bandit out and let Mia say goodbye to him, and since that moment, she will not leave my side for more than a few moments; where she would barely acknowledge me before except at treat time.

Bonding with my girl has helped, but every day my heart hurts for my fuzzy buddy. I'm beginning to think the pain won't ever go away, possibly as punishment for having him put to sleep.

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Aug 10, 2014
Im very sorry for your loss
by: Sabrina

Dont feel bad for having your little buddy put to sleep, us pet owners have such a strong connection with our buddys and we know when its time. Its one of the hardest things in the world. I saying because i recently lost my best friend. But we will see there little faces again one day.

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