10 Reasons To Adopt A Ferret

Once you’ve made sure a fuzzy is the right pet for you, why not adopt a ferret instead of getting one at a pet store. There are several benefits. I’ve listed the 10 most important ones below.

Ferret Behavior Established

Some ferrets may exhibit behavior that you don’t want. Some are jumpers. Some are climbers. Most of them are diggers (watch out plants). You’ll know beforehand what to look out for and what you can expect.

The Perfect Ferret Fit

Every fuzzbutt has his own special character traits. A shelter can help you choose a ferret that fits your lifestyle and expectations. This is also good to know if you’re adding him to a family of other pets.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small...Just The Right Size

Females are considerably smaller than males. But even ferrets from the same gender can differ significantly in size and weight. Both my ferrets are from the same breeder and differ only a week in age. Yet Stitch is quite a bit smaller and lighter than Nibbler (which is why I sometimes call him Fatty McFat or Fatso, good thing he doesn’t understand me ;-)) So if you have a preference for a smaller or larger ferret, you can choose one that’s already reached his adult weight and size.

Color and Pattern

Ferrets come in different colors and patterns. Which can change quite drastically the first 6 months of their lives. If you want to know exactly what your fuzzie will look like you can adopt a ferret that has his adult color and pattern.

Save Money By Saving A Ferret

Adopting a ferret from a shelter is cheaper than getting one at a store. Added to that you’ll know the ferret received all the necessary vaccinations and veterinary treatment needed.

Basic Training

Most shelters put a lot of time and effort in training or reconditioning the ferrets they receive.Especially for first-time ferret owners this is a big bonus. Teaching your fuzzie not to bite can be rather painful. And housetraining, wow, that can be quite challenging as well depending on your ferret.

Return Policy

Some shelters offer you a 30 day return policy. Now I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I feel that when you decide to adopt a ferret, or any other pet, you should’ve thought things through carefully and take care of it for life. On the other hand, if the fuzzbutt you just adopted fights with your other pets for example, returning him to the shelter where you got him is the best thing you can do for him.

Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

Knowing you saved a cute little fuzzbutt will surely give you warm, fuzzy feelings for years to come 

Reliable Tips & Advice

The people at the shelter can provide you with valuable tips and advice. They care for ferrets 24/7 so they know what they’re talking about. Oh, and they won’t try to sell you a $500 cage…

Help a Shelter

Most shelters are run by people with big hearts who spend a huge amount of their own money on taking care of the ferrets. When you adopt a ferret from a shelter, the adoption fee is used to pay for vet bills, food, toys, bedding,… In other words, not only are you providing a happy home for one (or more) ferret(s), you’re also helping all the other fuzzies still waiting for a new home.